Cultural training


Cultural Training

In today's globalized world, organizations have the opportunity to attract talent from all corners of the globe. However, with this comes the challenge of understanding and respecting different cultures in the workplace. Berlitz offers customized cross-cultural training programs to enable businesses to maximize their potential across cultures, reduce risk and improve performance.

Whether your organization requires relocation training for international transferees and their families, repatriation programs for returnees, or you want to expand into new international markets, Berlitz's cultural training programs can be tailored to meet your specific business needs.

Expanding beyond cultural borders can enhance a business' potential for a more effective workforce and more innovative environments. Berlitz is committed to providing cultural training to enable businesses to make the most of these opportunities.

Cultural Awareness Training

The capacity to utilize cultural differences to benefit a company and its staff is a crucial component of a multicultural workforce. To foster an inclusive work environment where every employee feels at ease, confident, and empowered to connect with colleagues from diverse backgrounds, cultural awareness training is indispensable.

Cultural awareness training is based on the idea that cultural gaps are often at the root of workplace conflicts, blunders, and missed opportunities that impede business growth. Equipping employees with the necessary tools to bridge these gaps and adapt to various situations can enhance relationships, communication, and reduce frustration in cross-cultural settings.

Cultural Diversity Training

Cultural diversity training aims to promote inclusion, just like cultural awareness training. It is crucial to respect cultural differences and make sure that every workplace is welcoming to people from diverse backgrounds.

Berlitz's cultural diversity training equips managers and supervisors with the necessary skills to create a work environment that accommodates employees from various cultures. These skills enable businesses to leverage the unique strengths of their diverse workforce and reach their full potential.

Cross Cultural Communication Training

When leadership and employees engage in honest, open, and respectful communication, businesses can operate at their fullest potential. For multicultural organizations, maintaining open communication channels is critical to ensuring that operations run smoothly.

By providing cross-cultural communication training, businesses can simplify their processes, prevent miscommunication, establish more open channels of communication, and empower employees to navigate multicultural situations with confidence.

Cultural Sensitivity Training

Multicultural businesses have great potential to harness their diversity for widespread success. Cultural sensitivity training is essential for making an organization's leadership and employees feel at ease and empowered in the workplace, which boosts engagement and productivity.

Berlitz's cultural sensitivity training focuses on identifying cultural gaps that exist in the workplace and bridging them through a combination of learning methods, including assessment, identification, and training. This approach leads to success both internally within the organization and externally with clients.

Cultural Consulting & Training Services with Berlitz

Get in touch with Berlitz if you're seeking cultural solutions for your organization. Our cultural training programs are tailor-made to meet your specific business requirements and include:

  • Online instruction
  • Face-to-face training
  • Cultural consulting
  • Cultural assessments

Allow us to support your organization in leveraging culture to achieve success.

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