Proficiency levels

We’ve developed a standardized scale for all the languages we teach so we can measure your existing language proficiency level.

Ranging from 1 (beginner) to 10 (professional), our scale will measure your level of language comprehension and practical skills.

Once you complete a needs analysis survey, and chat to one of our friendly staff, you’ll build a learning path that will map your journey through the proficiency levels to ensure you meet your personal goals.

Language proficiency levels

These are different levels of language proficiency:

Level 1 - Functional
This level indicates that the person has a basic understanding of the language and can communicate in simple ways for basic tasks and situations.

Level 2 - Functional
At this level, the person can perform simple, routine tasks and functions with a limited range of vocabulary.

Level 3 - Intermediate
The person can handle most uncomplicated communicative tasks and routine social and work situations, and can understand familiar subjects.

Level 4 - Intermediate
At this level, the person can use learned material to communicate in various situations, and can comprehend information on familiar topics in different contexts.

Level 5 - Upper Intermediate
The person can initiate, sustain and conclude most routine communicative tasks for personal and work needs.

Level 6 - Upper Intermediate
At this level, the person has a good understanding of the language and can communicate effectively in various professional and personal contexts.

Level 7 - Advanced
The person can create complex and demanding conversations, and can comfortably deal with most subjects over the telephone.

Level 8 - Advanced
At this level, the person can communicate effectively in demanding oral tasks and situations, such as conducting a meeting, and can participate easily in social and professional conversations.

Level 9 - Professional
The person can communicate effectively with different audiences on a wide range of topics, including public speaking and critical listening.

Level 10 - Professional
At this level, the person has full command of the language, with fluency, appropriate organization, and a broad and deep range of vocabulary.