Languages To Study For A Thriving Career In Vietnam

Languages To Study For A Thriving Career In Vietnam

Vietnam is currently a promising market with a huge amount of investment from foreign companies. That is why there is no doubt that arming yourself with proficient language skills would create a competitive advantage for you as a job seeker. In this article, we will be giving you feasible suggestions of foreign languages to study to have a more attractive CV and a higher salary offer.


1. English

It is undeniable that English has long been the most common language in the world. Not only used in English-speaking countries’ companies like US, UK or Australia, English is also widely used in non-English-speaking countries’s businesses for its popularity. 

As a result, jobs with requirements of high English proficiency would be more likely to offer employees with a more rewarding package. 


Languages To Study For A Thriving Career In Vietnam


2. Chinese

There are approximately 2 billion native Chinese speakers at the moment, making it the language with the greatest number of speakers. China is rising significantly as an economic superpower. As a matter of fact, the country is now the main importer of Vietnam and has a lot of companies investing domestically, it is really a great choice to have a good grasp of this Asian language. 

Many Chinese companies are recruiting Vietnamese employees with a high level of Chinese command and the salary is thus, very decent.

Languages To Study For A Thriving Career In Vietnam


3. Korean

Beside having a gigantic cultural influence on Vietnam’s youth, Korea is currently a comprehensive strategic partner with the country. Korea is also having the highest amount of foreign investment to Vietnam. 

Samsung from Korea, for example, is now the biggest foreign investor in Vietnam, not to mention other Korean companies or Vietnamese companies working in Korea, Korea-Vietnam joint venture companies, etc. That’s why if you are considering a foreign language to study, Korean is also not a choice.


Languages To Study For A Thriving Career In Vietnam


4. Japanese

In addition to English, Chinese or Korean, Japanese is also a well-sought language for numerous job positions. If you happen to consider applying for a job in Japanese companies, Japanese language skills would be a competitive addition for your profile when it comes to ones like interpreters, assistants, secretaries, teachers, or salesmen, etc. 

Despite the difficulty of the language, we can assure you that your offer would be very reasonable.


Languages To Study For A Thriving Career In Vietnam


Apart from the aforementioned languages, French, German, Spanish or Arabic are also very worth-considering choices. One thing to be mindful of is that your target language should be considered based on your ability, major, career, employer and other stakeholders. At Berlitz Vietnam, we offer a myriad of language courses and work skill training beneficial for your career prospects. Whether you are a beginner or busy worker, Berlitz Vietnam can offer customized courses for you all to advance on your career journey.