Vietnam's Family Culture and Its Impacts (Part 1)

Family Culture in Vietnam: Insights and Impact

Family has a key role to play in Vietnam, as the country originates from the well-known rice culture, in which people in families work together throughout the years. In this article, let’s find out specifically how family culture is influencing and shaping Vietnam culture and society to gain a deeper insight about the country. 


  1. Filial Piety: 

Filial piety, or "hiếu thảo" is a core value that is widely taught throughout the country as soon as the child has gained basic concepts about the surrounding world. In basic words, this tradition teaches children the importance of respecting your parents and ancestors and taking care of them when they get old, seeing that they are the one who gave birth and raised you unconditionally. 

Family Culture in Vietnam: Insights and Impact

  1. Family hierarchy and pronouns

Family traditions not only require people to respect their parents and ancestors but also older people. That is why there are a lot of pronouns used to address different people in the family. Instead of using “I” or “you” like English, Vietnamese will use the title of that person in the family to call them. 


The pronouns are also clearly categorized, for example, the uncle who is your mother’s younger brother (cậu) would be called differently compared to your father’s younger brother (chú). 

Family Culture in Vietnam: Insights and Impact


  1. Ancestor worshiping: 

As mentioned, it is believed that the offspring should pay respect towards the older generation. And it is not just when they are alive but also when they are no longer alive anymore. By tradition, deceased people will be remembered by the young in such ways like offering incense and food on their altars at home everyday or their tomb annually. 


This is because people reckon that their ancestors are still guiding and protecting them. While offering incense to ancestors, people also express their wishes and problems with their ancestors to receive blessings from them. 


Family Culture in Vietnam: Insights and Impact


Has these pieces of information amazed you enough? Stay tuned as there is still a lot more about Vietnamese language and cultures waiting for you to explore. 


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