Mid-Autumn festival is a culturally significant and colorful celebration marked by the rich traditions of the Vietnamese people. In this article, we will explore more about the profound cultural values of the Mid-Autumn festival, the time when moonlight shines down on the S-shaped country and everyone gets happier than ever. 

The Mid-Autumn Festival – Every August 15 of the lunar calendar 

The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Lantern Festival, is a significant traditional festival held annually on the full moon day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar. This is a special occasion that every Vietnamese household looks forward to, bringing a unique combination of folk beliefs and family bondings. 

As it is considered one of Vietnam’s most important festivals, there are a variety of cultural activities that people, regardless of their age or gender may consider. Some amusing activities that you can give a try include: 


1. The lion dance 

The lion dance is a traditional custom in Vietnam, especially during the Mid-Autumn festival. The dancers wear lion costumes and flexibly mimic the movements of a lion in sync with a strong drum beat, attracting people’s attention and joy. It would take them approximately a month in advance to prepare for such amazing performances. The beauty of the lion dance is believed to bring fortune and prosperity in the new year. 

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2. Presenting the Mid-Autumn Festival tray 

The traditional Mid-Autumn festival tray normally includes a five-fruit tray (some typical fruits are bananas, custard apples, and grapefruits) baked cakes, and lanterns. When the full moon rises, everyone serves cakes, and fruits together and enjoys the unique taste of the Mid-Autumn festival.

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3. Lantern parades 

"The star lanterns parade, the bright five-pointed stars..." That is the lyrics of a song to describe children's traditional activities in the Mid-Autumn Festival. Many children hand-make simple but creative paper lanterns and parade on the streets, which makes the atmosphere even more bustling and joyful.

How to make traditional baked Mooncakes (recipe) - Rice 'n Flour

4. Traditional Mooncakes 

The distinctive flavor of the Mid-Autumn festival lies inside small but delicious Mooncakes - a Vietnamese traditional dish during festival days. The moon cake recipe is pretty simple: skillful bakers use traditional ingredients such as sticky rice, coconuts, and green beans to make the cakes and bake them in different molds to create spectacular shapes. Moon cakes are not only a luscious dish, but also convey solidarity and completeness in the Mid-Autumn festival.

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5. Admiring the brightest full moon 

At the Mid-Autumn festival night, the family gathers to decorate beautiful paper lanterns and make Moon cakes, then watch the full moon together. The August full moon is long believed to be the brightest moon of the lunar year, symbolizing family reunion and love. Under the warm and cozy moonlight, everyone embraces the past, looks forward to the future, and appreciates family values.

All in all, the Mid-autumn festival in Vietnam would be an intriguing social and cultural event worth trying whether you are a local or a foreigner. Singing along and dancing in the festive atmosphere and melody would leave you with an unforgettable experience and give a closer insight into the Vietnamese exquisite culture.