Vietnam's Family Culture and Its Impacts (Part 2)

Vietnam's Family Culture and Its Impacts (Part 2)

Vietnamese people have a strong and unique family tradition, which has a significant impact on their working and living and it is important to have some basic knowledge of them if you are planning to work in the country. In this blog post, we are going to delve into further Vietnamese family traditions and customs that will definitely amaze you. 


1. Strong Family Bonds

Vietnamese tend to live together or in close proximity, believing that they can easily help each other out when they are in need. These days, while the youths are moving to big cities for job opportunities, the tradition is not that strong anymore; yet they still try to live close together and have frequent meet-ups if possible. 

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2. Passing down Family Traditions

Viet Nam has a lot of traditional crafts and dishes, and they are usually passed down to family members generation by generation. That is how they keep these traditions alive through thousands of years. 

This practice is followed by almost every family as it is believed only the descendants of these people can create products at the same quality. Additionally, this also strengthens the connection between family members and constantly reminds people of their roots. 


Vietnam's Family Culture and Its Impacts (Part 2)


3. Collective Decision-Making

Vietnamese people have a close-knit bond with their extended family, even when they do not live together. As a result, important choices, marriage for example, is usually not made by individuals but will be presented to everyone in their family. Everyone’s opinions will be taken into account, especially the elderly’s as they are believed to be words of wisdom and experience. 


Vietnam's Family Culture and Its Impacts (Part 2)

4. Family Celebrations

It can be seen that the majority of Vietnamese festivals are organized as occasions where people can come back home and gather with their family. The most famous one would most likely be Tet or Lunar New Year, while there are also important events like weddings, funerals or death anniversaries. These are opportunities for family members to gather, update each other’s current status, talk about past memories and strengthen their ties. 


Vietnam's Family Culture and Its Impacts (Part 2)


All in all, it can be seen that Vietnamese family traditions would revolve around family bonds, celebrations and traditions as well as making decisions together. There are an array of traditions waiting for you to explore but these will be the main key points. If you find these interesting, please do check out our Vietnam's Family Culture and Its Impacts (Part 1) post for further interesting insights. 

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